Boating day in Venice

Venice , a city built on water in the heart of a lagoon, is unique. Here, shimmering light reflects off water to illuminate one of the world’s greatest cityscapes, where canals, streets and squares are lined with palaces and churches  and containing some of the world’s greatest mosaics, paintings and sculpture. Venice is linked to the mainland by a causeway and built on more than 110 small islands, divided from each other by numerous canals spanned by over 400 bridges. Most important is the Canal Grand, a substantial waterway lined with super monuments, dividing the northern and southern city ares.

Quick history

Once the greatest and richest of all medieval sea and trading powers, Venice, founded in the fourth century by Romans fleeing the barbarian hordes, commaned an empire that stretched throughout the Mediterranean and held the mpnopoly on the overland trade routes to the Far East. Spices, silk, gold and precious stones all reached Europe via the Venetian merchants, the profits funding the building and decoration of the city and the hedonistic lifestyle of its citizens. As the sea routes to the east opened up, Venice declined, losing its independence in 1797 and becoming part of united Italy in 1866.

 The city has been drawing visitors for over a thousand years. They still come to marvel at the treasures packed along its waterways and its narrow streets, jostling shoulders with the Venetians themselves, who are accustomed to the incoceniences of a life dictated by tides. Today, morden Venice faces huge challenges, chief of which are the effects of the ever- increasing high tides and the rapidly shrinking population. The city must try to balance the needs of its citizens with those of the floods of tourists, drawn here by the incredible beauty of the city, its fascinating daily life, and its great sightseeing, eating and shopping.

More about Venice Canival

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