Ooh, Milan

Throw in a stupendous cathedral, some ancient churches, the world’s most famous opera house, fine neoclassical buildings and some world — class galleries and museums and it’s clear that, retail therapy apart, Milan’s got plenty to offer.

Milan achieved its affluence and style during its 19th century industrialization, when the city emerged from 300 years of foreign rule to expand from its historic core into a sprawl of wide streets and neoclassical and art nouveau buildings. In the historic centre, Mialn’s main sights span the city’s history.

 There are trace of the original Roman city of Mediolanum, once the seat of Emperor Constantine, and impressive buildings dating from the 13th to 16th centuries, when Milan was ruled by a series of dynastic families. The buildings devoted to culture and commerce — the opera house, the art galleries, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele — are a reminder of Milan’s 19th century surge to the prosperity it enjoys today.

Big Fashion!

Milan is Italy’s economic capital, where hard work and fast pace go hand in hand with style, money and 21st century values.

This is one of the few Italian cities where the siesta is unknown, where the pace is as fast as London or New York.  One most well known is the Milan Fashion Week which is the fasion leader.

 Milan Fashion Show

Click here for videos


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